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Among the free services offered by SHS are free Home Security analysis, free installation, and free equipment activation.

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You could easily hop out if it’s an emergency, of course, but what if it’s just a ring and go package delivery?When you’re not expecting guests.

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home security san antonio

It takes about 25 minutes to install and some may need professional installation. It uses a 110 to 240 VAC and costs $249. Stick Up Cam – This Ring security camera is motion activated, indoor/outdoor and has a two way talk feature. The Stick Up Cam cost starts at $179. 99. Floodlight Cam – The Ring Floodlight Cam is a great combination between an outdoor security camera and a floodlight. This provides the highest level of outdoor security. The Floodlight Cam is priced at $249. Ring Security SystemThe Ring Alarm security system is a smart, connected system that provides protection inside the home and out. It is easy to install. A nice feature is that it is completely customizable to fit just about any need you have.

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I don’t understand the reviews that say they are not recording videos when motion is triggered because mine do.

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